Rich Schwarz

DevOps Architect


Eliminating “Suck” from Software Delivery. I’ve seen a lot of high performing teams get boughed down by “bad” tools and process.


Creativity and humor

My Source of Inspiration

God’s beautiful nature.

This makes me happy

Photography. My work has been published in several countries and I love it when people appreciate what I’ve captured.

My ultimate Epic Shit moments

I was 26 years old and had never really traveled out of the country before. Lying in bed at 2am one Sunday morning, I decided that no matter what bad things could happen on a trip, it wouldn’t be as bad as regretting never having lived life. Four days later I was on a plane to travel around S.E. Asia for a month. 62 countries later, I view that as one of my best decisions ever.

The Songs that get me started

Anything from PhuturePrimitive, CellDweller, Rodrigo y Gabriella, and Jesse Cook